Aquamerica, our program !

One week before leaving for Anchorage, we are getting ready for our great journey ! In a few days, we will be « On the road », driving « Into the wild ». During our first 4 months, we will cross North America, fom Anchorage to Mexico. Here are the first steps of our journey.

1.Discovering the wild North.

When ? From 25/08/2015 to the 20/09/2015.

Where ? Alaska, Yukon, British Colombia and Alberta.


We will start our journey in Anchorage, Alaska, where our first challenge will be to find a car to ride ! Once this challenge is completed, we will cross the great landscapes of the North. Denali, Jasper, Banff and Glacier are waiting for us.

During this part of the journey, we will meet a glaciologist in Vancouver who will introduce us to the issues linked to glacier melting and global warming.

2.One month in a Bison Ranch.

When ? From the 20/09/2015 to the 16/10/2015.

Where ? Melville, Montana.


For a month, we will stop the road trip and work in a bison farm in which we will try to get closer from our childhood dream of becoming a cow boy. We will discover the great fields of Montana and focus there on the use of water in agriculture. Did you know that in order to produce 1 Kg of beef meat, you need 15 000 liters of water ?

3. Discovering the West Coast

When ? From the 16/10/2015 to the 15/11/2015

Where ? Utah, Nevada, California, Arizona.


We will pursue our trip while heading south, towards warmer States. Some famous cities are gonna be in our way, like Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Phoenix. Great landscapes too, as we are going to cross Yosemite, Grand Canyon and Death Valley.

But more importantly, we will discuss about the enormous issue that the Californian drought is causing for the United States. Every year, there is less rain in California. Huge populations are waiting for it to pour down and, between Californian farms, Nevada golfs and the millions of people living there, the stress surrounding the resource is getting thicker.

4. Reaching Mexico !

When ? From the 16/11/2015 to the 20/12/2015.

Where ? Mexico city, Mexico.


Buenos Dias America Latina !

For a month, we will stay in Mexico DF in order to understand the issues dry countries encounter  when trying to obtain fresh water. We will be in direct relation with mexican entrepreneurs that are trying to resolve this great issue for Mexico. And it will make Antoine practice his spanish :).

If you happen to be on our way, warn us ! We would be glad to meet you 🙂 !


See you soon !